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Girls' Lacrosse Drills &
Tips Video Library

Give your players the tools to win with these advanced training videos and drills

Our coaches cover all aspects of the game as they share over 70 lacrosse drills and tips videos developed specifically for youth players. The Girls’ Lacrosse Skills and Drills Library gives parents, coaches, and team volunteers everything they need to teach girls’ lacrosse like a pro. See the Coaches Featured in this Library


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Girls' Lacrosse Defense: Defensive Stance

Table of Contents

Girls' Lacrosse Basics: Cradling
  • How to Hold a Lacrosse Stick
  • How to Cradle
  • Cradle With Either Hand
  • Where to Cradle
  • Cradling Tips
  • Basic Stick Protection- 1 v. 1
  • Advanced Stick Protection- 1 v. 2
Girls' Lacrosse: Catching and Ground Balls
  • How to Catch
  • Catch on the Weak Side
  • Ground Ball Pickup
  • Ground Ball Pickup Drill
  • London Bridge
  • Hammer Drill
Girls' Lacrosse: Passing and Shooting
  • How to Pass
  • Partner Passing Drill
  • Quick Stick Passes
  • Quick Stick Wall Ball
  • How to Shoot
  • Bounce Shots
  • Eight-Meter Shots
  • Three Player, Two Ball Drill
  • All-in-One Drill
  • Box Passing Drill
  • Over the Shoulder Passing Drill
  • Scoop and Shoot Drill
  • The Rodeo
  • Switching Hands
  • Basic Set-Up
  • Angle Approach
  • Behind the Back Shot
  • Behind the Back Pass
Girls' Lacrosse Basics: Wall Ball
  • Wall Ball
  • Wall Ball Technique
  • Wall Ball Workout
Girls' Lacrosse: Offensive Moves and Dodges
  • Offensive Body Position
  • Dodge Basics
  • The Roll Dodge
  • Stutter-Step Dodge
  • The Crease Roll
  • Triangle Offense Drill
  • Crease Roll to an Inside Roll
  • Fake and Freeze Goalie
  • Use Crease
  • Open Field
Girls' Lacrosse Defense
  • Defensive Body Position
  • Defensive Stance
  • Checking
  • Blocking
  • Defensive Blocking Drill
  • Double Team Drill
  • Sideline Drill
  • Stickless Defense Drill
Girls' Lacrosse: Goalie Basics
  • Goalie Warm-Up Drill
  • Goalie Stance
  • Position in Crease
  • Hand and Body Drills
  • Foot Drills
  • Cut Down the Angles
  • Clears
  • Defend Behind the Goal
  • Clamp and Control
  • Defend a Crease Roll
Girls' Lacrosse Basics: Draw Controls
  • Draw Controls
  • How to Win Draw Controls
Girls' Lacrosse Rules
  • Major and Minor Fouls
  • Draw Control Rules
  • Empty Stick Check
  • Dangerous Checking
  • Checks Above Shoulder
  • Covering the Ball
  • 3-Second Closely Guarded Rule
  • 12-Meter Fan and 8-Meter Arc
  • Offensive Charging
  • Dangerous Propelling
  • Goal Circle Violation, Part 1
  • Goal Circle Violation, Part 2
  • Three-Second Violation
  • Exception to 3-Second Rule
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