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Major League Lacrosse Video Library

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In this collection of over 100 instructional videos, you’ll learn from some of the greatest and most recognizable players in the history of Major League Lacrosse. Each player provides insights and specific drills and tips as to how they got to the top of their game. From goalkeeping and defense to midfield and attack, all positions are addressed and you get intimate instruction from the best players in the sport!



Chris Eck: Face-Off Basics

Table of Contents

Chris Eck
  • Face-Off Basics
  • Face-Off Essentials
  • The Clamp
  • The Jam
  • The Rake
  • The Plunger Move
  • Face-Off Warm-Ups
  • Face-Off Drills
Mikey Powell
  • Playing Behind the Cage
  • Mirror Technique
  • Winning Ground Balls
  • Ground Ball Drill
  • Face Dodge
  • Roll Dodge
  • Split Dodge
  • Drive Defender Into Crease
Matt Danowski
  • Basics of Receiving the Ball
  • Receiving and Protecting the Ball
  • Taping Your Stick
  • How to Protect Your Stick
  • Catching with Hands Low
  • Over the Shoulder Catch
  • Square Shoulders to Goal
  • V Cut for Space
  • Shooting - Hands Back Technique
  • Shooting Practice Drill
  • Shooting Behind Your Back
  • The Hitch Shot
Jesse Hubbard
  • Footwork Against the Defense
  • How to Free Your Hands Before a Shot or Feed
  • Generating Power with Your Body
  • Getting Under the Defense
  • High-to-Low Shots on Goal
  • High-to-Low Shot Preparation
  • How to Maximize Scoring Chances
  • The High Percentage Overhand Shot
  • Rocker Step
Liam Banks
  • How to Cradle
  • Stick Protection
  • Lacrosse Throwing Basics
  • Lacrosse Catching Basics
  • The Box Area
  • Catching Bad Passes
  • How to Make Behind the Back Passes
  • Shooting From the Inside
  • Shooting From the Outside
  • Setting a Pick
  • The Pick and Roll
  • Three Ways to Goal
Mike Leveille
  • Shooting Basics Drill
  • Scooping Groundballs
  • Create Space for a Feed or Shot
  • Inside Roll
  • Cradling Basics
  • Protective Cradling Drill
  • Stick Protection
  • Quick Passing Drill
  • How to React to a Bad Shot
  • Reading Aggressive Defenders
  • Reading Passive Defenders
  • Reading the Defender
  • Space and Opportunity
Dan Cocoziello
  • Using the Long Pole
  • Proper Stance and Footwork on Defense
  • Using Your Hands on Defense
  • Passing and Catching With the Long Pole
  • Poke Checks and Slap Checks
  • Stick Positioning When Covering a Midfielder
  • Goal Line Extended
  • Forcing the Offense Out of Bounds
  • Dictate the Offense
  • Using the Crease to Your Advantage
  • When to Double Team
  • Communication on the Field
Jesse Schwartzman
  • Lacrosse Goalie Stance
  • Playing the Arc
  • Proper Goalie Movement
  • Goalie is the Leader of the D
  • How to Trick the Shooter
  • Defending Behind the Goal
  • Lacrosse Goalie Hands Drill
  • Lacrosse Goalie Footwork Drill
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