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Thank you for your interest in advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

For the past three years, we have been building into the most trusted source for coaching and instructional resources for parents, parent-coaches and young athletes. is also the leading youth sports coaching and instructional resource for advertisers - from sporting goods manufacturers and retailers to companies providing youth sports-related consumer goods and services. We work closely with all of our partners to make our children's sports experience both rewarding and successful, ensuring participation and fan interest for many years to come.

Our Audience

PlaySportsTV delivers a large and demographically upscale audience of youth sports coaches, parents and athletes. We also provide our partners with access to a dedicated and growing audience of youth sports experts, coaches, officials and sports psychologists.

Our Reach is an easy-to-use website with professional content and resources available in 17 sports. We stream hundreds of thousands of videos per month to sports moms, dads, coaches, athletes and other members of the youth sports community. Our site visitors spend over 6 minutes per session on our site.

Our Inventory (Ad purchase and implementation powered by Torque)

  • Display – Choose from a variety of placement options and ad formats to best incorporate your message into our award-winning youth sports experience.

  • In-Video – Take advantage of pre-roll, interstitial and post-roll slots on our more than 2,000 youth sports coaching and instructional videos.

  • Custom Campaigns – takes advantage of the latest ad technologies to deliver exclusive integrated sponsorship opportunities that include customized micro-sites, branded takeovers, permission-based marketing initiatives, sponsored content and other creative data capture programs.

For more information or to discuss an upcoming advertising or sponsorship campaign, please contact our Advertising Group.