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Baseball Sliding:
Slide Like a Pro

Teach your players to slide safely and effectively

Show your players how to take that extra base safely with these twelve easy-to-follow videos. Coach Duke Baxter teaches you the proper techniques for the Figure Four Slide, Straight Slide and Pop-Up Slide, as well as the best sliding technique to use in specific game situations.

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Figure Four Technique

Table of Contents

Sliding Like a Pro
  • Getting Started
  • Why We Slide
  • Helmet Safety
  • Using a Sliding Mat
  • Figure Four Technique
  • The Straight Slide
  • The Pop-Up Slide
  • The Hook Slide
  • The Hands-First Slide
  • Hand Position for Sliding
  • Sliding Back on Pick-Offs
  • Sliding Into First Base
  • Directional Slides

About the Coach

The Coach

Duke Baxter is currently an instructor at the Zoned Sports Academy in Bridgewater, N.J. Before playing three years of professional baseball, Duke set three hitting records at the University of North Florida, including a single-season mark of 31 doubles in 1997, which led NCAA Division II.


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