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Coaching Youth Baseball:
Power Hitting

Help your players hit for extra bases with these major league drills and techniques

Your players need to be strong, agile, and pick the right pitch to become power hitters. Coaches Jeff Cavaliere, Paul Reddick and Tom Clark demonstrate how to warm up safely and swing with the correct stance, positioning and technique. This program also includes strength and conditioning exercises to maximize your young hitters’ potential.

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Hips Separate

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Warm-Ups
  • Dynamic Warm-Up (Upper Body)
  • Dynamic Warm-Up (Lower Body)
The Swing
  • Introduction to The Swing
  • Swing Overview
  • Stance
  • Stance with Demo
  • Load Stride
  • Load Stride with Demo
  • Hips Separate
  • Hips Separate with Demo
  • Bat Lag
  • Bat Lag with Demo
  • Contact
  • Contact with Demo
  • Finish
  • Finish with Team
  • Pitch Selection
Strength and Conditioning
  • Introduction to Strength and Conditioning
  • Paul Reddick Strength Intro
  • Jeff Cavaliere Strength Overview
  • Deceleration
  • Brake Deceleration Exercise
  • Bat Stance Squat
  • Ball Toss
  • Hip Rotation Resistance
  • Hurdle Under Explosions
  • Load, Stay Back, Resistance
  • Single Leg Rotating Squat
  • Standing Rotary Twist
  • Reverse Overload
  • Step Over with a Squat
  • Half Burpee
  • Elbow Ups
  • Thrusters
  • Structure Your Circuit
  • Circuit One
  • Circuit Two

About the Coaches

The Coach

Jeff Cavaliere MSPT, CSCS worked for the New York Mets from 2006-08 as both their head physical therapist and assistant strength coach. Named in 2008 by Men’s Fitness as one of America’s Top 50 Greatest Trainers, he is known for his unique and cutting edge approaches to functional conditioning for baseball. He strives to make both professional and amateur athletes reach their peak performance.

The Coach

Paul Reddick is the director of The Yogi Berra Baseball School and has served as a coach, scout or consultant to over a dozen Major League Baseball organizations, most recently with the Pittsburgh Pirates. An accomplished baseball writer, he has served as a state delegate for USA Baseball. His training work brings power and speed to baseball players.

The Coach

Tom Clark has been coaching youth sports for more than 20 years. Tom has worked with Paul and Jeff for several years, developing strength and conditioning techniques and structuring high quality training to help young baseball players reach their full potential.


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