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Coaching Youth Football:
QB, Receiver and
Running Back

Help intermediate and advanced skill position players play better with these comprehensive drills and techniques

Add more advanced techniques to your players’ basic skills and you’ll help good players play better. Joe Bouffard, founder and director of the Youth Football Coaches Association, will guide you through 23 easy-to-follow videos that show how your quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs can pass, catch and run more effectively. When you purchase the online version, you also get access to downloadable training notes and football coaching tips for each drill.

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The Obstacle Course

Table of Contents

Week One
  • Introduction to Week One
  • Stance & Start Drill
  • Box Drill
  • Bull Frog
  • Cut and Go
  • Catch Hand Placement
  • Blocking Progression
  • Freeze Drill
  • Catch with Eyes/Receive with Hands
Week Two
  • Introduction to Week Two
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Bad Ball Drill
  • Cone Drill
  • Line Catch Drill
  • Receiver Alley
Week Three
  • Introduction to Week Three
  • Ball Wrestling
  • Blast and Score Drill
  • Handoff Pocket
  • Gauntlet Ball Security Drill
  • Pat and Go Drill
Week Four
  • Introduction to Week Four
  • Figure Eight Cone Drill
  • Handoff Down the Line
  • Obstacle Course
  • Pitch Toss Drill
  • Sideline Drill-YAC

About the Coach

The Coach

Joe Bouffard is founder and director of the Youth Football Coaches Association. Coach Bouffard is a 16-year coaching veteran on the youth, high school and college levels. He is the offensive coordinator at Fairfield Warde High School in Connecticut, having previously coached in New Canaan High's state championship program.


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