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Coaching Youth Soccer:
Ages 10 and Up

Drills and techniques to help your advanced players keep advancing

Developed specifically for experienced players, these videos emphasize more sophisticated soccer skills in 70 drills on advanced dribbling, turning, moving, passing, receiving, and shooting. Nick Harrison, former coach at Hawaii Pacific University, shows you how to teach your players to master the game's more challenging moves and tactics. Your purchase also includes access to downloadable soccer training notes and coaching tips for each drill.

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Crossfire Drill

Table of Contents

  • Welcome to Your Season
  • The Perfect Practice
  • Planning Your Practice Session
  • Delivering Practice Sessions
  • Coaching Tips
Week One: Dribbling Introduction
  • Intro to Week One
  • Four Basic Dribbling Moves
  • Three Basic Dribbling Turns
  • Musical Chairs Drill
  • Run the Gauntlet Drill
  • Dinosaur Park Drill
  • Always-Moving Goal Drill
Week Two: Advanced Dribbling Skills
  • Intro to Week Two
  • No Pass-Backs Drill
  • 1 v. 1 with Passive Defender
  • 1 v. 1 to Many Goals
  • 4 v. 2 Possession in a Grid
  • Lampard's Leg-Work Drill
  • Conditioned Scrimmage
  • Around the Wall
  • Gladiators
Week Three: Passing Introduction
  • Intro to Week Three
  • Passing and Receiving Basics
  • Passing and Receiving in Threes
  • Get out of My House Drill
  • Playing through Zones
  • Send 'Em In Drill
  • Inside and Outside Drill
Week Four: Advanced Passing Skills
  • Intro to Week Four
  • Passing by Numbers Drill
  • Triangular Touches Drill
  • Ball-in-the-Circle Drill
  • 2 v. 2 Possession with Outsiders
  • Square-Out Drill
  • Two-Touch Numbers Up
  • Diagonal Passing to Diagonal Runs
  • UK World Cup
Week Five: Ball Control and Settling
  • Intro to Week Five
  • Basic Control Techniques
  • Cushion Control
  • First Touch Drill
  • Throw and Control Game
  • T-Junction Drill
  • Attacking the Ball & Control
Week Six: Defense Introduction
  • Intro to Week Six
  • Last Man Standing Drill
  • 1 v. 1 Megs Drill
  • Ultimate Knockout Drill
  • Inside the Circle w/ Defenders
  • 1 v. 1 Defending to Prevent Turns
  • Team Tag Drill
  • Defending Facing the Attacker
Week Seven: Advanced Defensive Play
  • Intro to Week Seven
  • 1 v. 1 to Target
  • Defending 2 v. 1 Drill
  • Defending 2 v. 1 (Pressure and Cover)
  • Diagonal Defense Drill
  • Double Diagonal Defense
  • 3 v. 3 v. 3 Flying Changes
  • Man to Man
Week Eight: Shooting Introduction
  • Intro to Week Eight
  • Ball-Striking Technique
  • Pinball Drill
  • Coconut Shy Drill
  • 3 v. 1 to Goal
  • Shooting using the Garbage Man
  • Crossfire Drill
  • Switch to Central Goal Drill
  • Shoot on Sight
Week Nine: Advanced Shooting Skills
  • Intro to Week Nine
  • Sideline Soccer Drill
  • Long-Range Shooting Drill
  • European Club Challenge
  • 2 v. 2 Back-to-Back Goals
  • Table Foosball Drill
  • Breakaway Drill
  • Crazy Corners
  • Delay the Attack

About the Coach

The Coach

Formerly a coach with Scunthorpe United and Liverpool University in England, and Hawaii Pacific University, Nick Harrison is a talented and experienced coach, with an MS in Sport & Exercise Science and a NSCAA Premier Coaching License. He is an AYSO Certified Licensed Instructor.


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