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Fundamentals of

The Ideal Cheerleading Moves and Tips Program for Beginners

Perfect for beginners, as well as those with a basic knowledge of moves and motions, these training videos teach the fundamental routines, jumps, and tumbles that every young cheerleader needs to know. Each skill set is broken down thematically, to make sure your cheerleaders develop good habits and proper form for every move. Packed with tips, Fundamentals of Cheerleading is the perfect “How To” that will take young cheerleaders to the next level. When you purchase the online version, you also get access to downloadable training notes and coaching tips for each drill.

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Beginner Cheer Motions

Table of Contents

Cheerleading Stretches and Warm-Ups
  • Introduction to Stretching/Warm-Ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Lunges & Lunge Variations
  • Straddle and Splits
  • Pike Stretch
  • Arms & Wrists
  • Back Stretch
Gymnastic Basics
  • Introduction to Gymnastic Basics
  • Spotting and Safety
  • Forward & Backward Rolls
  • Handstand
  • Bridge
  • Cart Wheel
  • Round Off
  • Back Walkover
Body Positions
  • Introduction to Body Positions
  • Ready Position
  • Lunges
  • Liberty & Liberty Variations
  • Arabesque, Scales & Scorpion
Cheerleading Motions
  • Introduction to Motions
  • Beginner Cheer Motions
  • Advanced Cheer Motions
  • Advanced Cheer Motions II
  • Motion Routine
Cheerleading Jumps
  • Introduction to Jumps
  • Basic Whip Approach
  • Straight Jump/T-Jump
  • Tuck Jump
  • Toe Touch
  • Side Hurdler
  • Pike Jump
Cheer Practice Routines
  • Introduction to Practice Routines
  • Basic Chant
  • Basic Cheer
  • Cheer Dance

About the Coaches

The Coach

Alexandria Nuzzi-Doherty is the president and lead choreographer of the NY Cheer All-Star Academy in Deer Park, N.Y. Teams from the Academy compete both locally and nationally and have multiple awards to their credit.

The Coach

James Goodson is the head gymnastics instructor at the NY Cheer All-Star Academy. The academy has been successfully training cheerleaders on the technical aspects of cheer while instilling leadership and teamwork for the last six years.


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