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How to Play Quarterback

Help your quarterbacks learn the skills they need to play better and win more

Lou Marinelli, Head Football Coach of New Canaan High School, presents 40 position-specific training videos that show you the best way to coach developing quarterbacks. How to Play Quarterback focuses on intermediate and advanced level footwork and the best ways to pass, toss, and scramble. Your purchase also comes with access to downloadable training notes and football coaching tips for each drill.

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Full Sprint to Pass

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started
Becoming a Quarterback
  • Quarterback Philosophy
Stretches and Warm-Ups
  • Introduction to Stretch and Warm-Ups
  • Upper-Body Stretches
  • Lower-Body Stretches
  • Throwing Mechanics Drill
  • Stepping to Throw Drill
  • Knee Drill
  • Pat-and-Go Drill
QB Stance
  • Introduction to QB Stance
  • QB Snap Stance
  • Shotgun Stance
Ballhandling and General Footwork
  • Introduction to Ballhandling and Footwork
  • Seating the Ball
  • Ballhandling After Snap
  • Introduction to Handoffs
  • One-Handed Handoff
  • One-Handed Handoff (Live Game)
  • Two-Handed Handoff
  • Two-Handed Handoff (Live Game)
  • Carrying Out the Fake
  • Introduction to Fakes
  • One-Handed Fake
  • One-Handed Fake (Live Game)
  • Two-Handed Fake
  • Two-Handed Fake (Live Game)
The Toss and the Pitch
  • Introduction to Tosses and Pitches
  • The Toss
  • The Pitch
  • Introduction to Drops
  • Three-Step Drop
  • Three-Step Drop (Live Game)
  • Five-Step Drop
  • Five-Step Drop (Live Game)
  • Seven-Step Drop
  • Seven-Step Drop (Live Game)
Throwing the Football
  • Introduction to Throwing
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Screen Pass
  • Screen Pass (Live Game)
Throwing on the Run
  • Introduction to Throwing on the Run
  • Full Sprint to Pass
  • Full Sprint to Pass (Live Game)
  • Half Sprint to Pass
  • Sprint Draw Pass
  • Sprint Draw Pass (Live Game)
  • Screen Pass to Wide Receiver (Live Game)
  • Introduction to QB Scrambles
  • Boot Action
  • Boot Action (Live Game)
  • QB Scramble/Draw Play
  • QB Scramble / Draw Play (Live Game)
  • Ball Security During Scramble
  • Ball Security During Scramble (Live Game)

About the Coach

The Coach

Lou Marinelli has been the head football coach at New Canaan (Conn.) High School since 1981. He spent several years coaching outside linebackers at Boston College. He has been named high school coach of the year by the Walter Camp Football Foundation and the Connecticut Sports Writers Association.


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