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Youth Baseball Practice
Plan: Ages 5-9

A full season of great practice plans

Coach Randy Morris presents 20 hour-long practice plans full of drills, skills and coaching tips for beginning and intermediate players. Each practice plan focuses on a new skill and team-building activity. Share your players pride as they learn all the essential baseball skills, from hitting and fielding to throwing, baserunning, and situational play. It’s all here for your young players to master in an easy-to-follow, time-specific format.

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Check out a PDF Sample: Practice 7: Outfield Defense

Click on the image above to view the PDF sample.

Table of Contents

Practices 1-5
  • Fielding and Throwing
  • Throwing
  • Hitting Basics
  • Hitting and Baserunning
  • Hitting and Fielding
Practices 6-10
  • Infield Positions
  • Outfield Defense
  • Infield and Outfield
  • Fielding and Sliding
  • Infield Drills
Practice 11-15
  • Fielding and Hitting
  • Rundowns
  • Outfield and Baserunning
  • Game Situations
  • Infield and Outfield
Practices 16-20
  • Game Situations
  • Situations and Outfield Defense
  • Live Game Situations
  • Batting Practice Game
  • Stations

About the Coach

The Coach

Randy Morris managed Columbus (Ga.) Northern Little League to the 2006 Little League World Series championship. He is now in his second decade of coaching youth baseball on different age levels. He believes managers and coaches are responsible for teaching baseball fundamentals to players and preparing them for higher levels.


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