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Youth Soccer Practice
Plan: Ages 5-8

Share an entire season of skills with young players

Coach Charlie Inverso presents 20 hour-long practice plans full of youth soccer drills, skills and tips for beginning and intermediate players. Each practice plan focuses on a new skill, with plenty of topics and team building activities throughout. The plans provide an entire season worth of soccer essentials that young players need to master. Ball control, foot skills, passing, shooting, defensive technique, and situational play are all included in an easy-to-follow, time-specific format.

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Check out a PDF Sample: Practice 6: Passing and Receiving

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Table of Contents

Practices 1-5
  • Dribbling and Shielding
  • Dribbling
  • Dribbling and 3 v. 3 Skills
  • Dribbling and 3 v. 3 Skills
  • Passing
Practices 6-10
  • Passing and Receiving
  • Passing and Control
  • Shooting
  • Shooting
  • Chipping
Practices 11-15
  • Passing and Ball Movement
  • Passing and Movement
  • Passing and Movement
  • Shooting Development
  • Shooting Development
Practice 16-20
  • Scoring
  • Heading
  • Heading
  • World Cup Time!
  • Goalkeeping

About the Coach

The Coach

Charlie Inverso compiled a 434-46-14 record and won five national junior college championships in 24 seasons of coaching the Mercer County (N.J.) Community College men’s soccer program. He serves as a staff coach for the Region 1 Olympic Development Program and as goalkeeper coach for Under-14 and Under-16 U.S. National soccer teams. Inverso is devoted to player development at the earlier levels of soccer.


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