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Sports Instructional Leaders Form Strategic Partnership

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Sports Instructional Leaders Form Strategic Partnership

Annapolis, MD (Wednesday, January 20, 2011) - Two champions of sports training have teamed up to drive the sports instructional market into the future. Sportskool, the leading sports instructional video-on-demand cable network, has recently formed a strategic partnership with PlaySportsTV, the leading online youth sports coaching and instructional company.

Sportskool is available free in more than 35 million digital cable television households and features instruction from world class athletes and coaches including Doug Flutie, Tony Gwynn, Mia Hamm, Anna Kournikova, Misty May, Bode Miller, Mike Vallely, Bill Walton and Shaun White.

PlaySportsTV has well-established partnerships with key players in the youth sports, social network and team website space, including Sports Illustrated Kids, iHoops,,, Police Athletic Leagues, and National Council for Youth Sports, to name just a few.

"Sportskool has tremendous brand recognition and their content features top athletes and coaches in numerous sports," says Douglas Donaldson, President of PlaySportsTV. "At PlaySportsTV we've spent five years building our premium channel and we can apply our experience and best practices to Sportskool to generate revenue for both companies."

The PlaySportsTV team is already adapting Sportskool content for the PlaySportsTV subscription-based e-learning environment. PlaySportsTV utilizes a simple, yet effective platform to deliver sports coaching and instructional content to parents and coaches nationwide. The combined media assets of Sportskool and PlaySportsTV include more than 200 hours of instructional content that can be broken down into more than 5,000 short-form video pieces, creating a market share-leading premium library. "We're convinced that we can quickly begin monetizing these assets," says Donaldson. "Together, we have the largest and deepest library of sports instructional content in the world."

"Sportskool's video-on-demand channel already allows us to reach a very broad audience across the country. What PlaySportsTV brings to the equation is the ability to reach audiences at the hyperlocal level," says Andrew Walworth, President of Grace Creek Media, the company that owns and operates Sportskool. “PlaySportsTV has successfully developed relationships with teams, leagues, and youth sports web-management companies in order to drive their video offerings directly to the field where coaches and athletes can use them," says Walworth.

Sportskool and PlaySportsTV are currently developing mobile applications and OTT channels through Roku, Boxee and others. "We understand that users are demanding the ability to see their content anytime, anywhere, and on any screen and that's what Sportskool and PlaySportsTV intend to deliver," says Walworth.

About PlaySportsTV

PlaySportsTV was founded in 2006 and is now the leading subscription-based youth sports coaching and instructional website in the United States that offers coaches and parents access to over 3,000 short-form skill-specific videos and in-depth training plans in more than 18 popular youth sport categories.

About Sportskool

Sportskool is owned by Grace Creek Media, an Annapolis, Maryland based production, distribution and media management company. Sportskool is the preeminent television source for in-depth, expert sports instruction and entertainment. Sportskool programming is available in more than 35 million U.S. homes on most major television providers including Comcast, Verizon FiOS, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Mediacom, Suddenlink and Insight. Content is also available on


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