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Cross Country Running:
Training and Strategy

Get the most out of your runners with these warm-ups, drills and tips

Winning cross country runners succeed with a blend of coaching, training and tactical skills. Four great cross country coaches (Al Bertowsky, Rich Degnan, Dwayne Johnson, and Dave Frazer) present over 25 videos that help your runners run faster and smarter. From proper shoe selection, to good racing tactics, you’ll see the affects of these videos in race-after-race. Cross Country Running – Training and Strategy also includes downloadable training notes and coaching tips for each drill.

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Running Tactics: Running Uphill

Table of Contents

Stretching and Shoe Selection
  • Introduction to Stretching and Shoe Selection
  • Buying the Correct Shoe
  • Shoe Size Matters
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • IT Band Stretch
  • Groin Stretch
  • Calf Stretch
Strength and Conditioning Drills
  • Introduction to Strength and Conditioning Drills
  • Push-Ups
  • Medicine Ball
  • Stability Ball
  • Lunges
  • Karaoke
  • High Knee
  • Bounding Hurdles
  • ABC Skips
Running Tactics
  • Introduction to Running Tactics
  • Form - Arms
  • Form - Stride Length
  • Running Uphill
  • Running Downhill
  • Passing Runners
  • Utilizing Flats
Race Tactics
  • Introduction to Racing Tactics
  • Learn the Course
  • Correct Start
  • Pacing and Racing
  • Scoring
  • Tangents
  • Team Theory

About the Coaches

The Coach

Al Berkowski is the high school cross country coach at Bellmore JFK in New York State. Founder of The Running School a cross country camp for boy's and girls, Al is ranked first in All Time Cross Country wins with over 800 team dual meet victories. He has coached United States teams that have competed in Israel, the Pan American Games and China.

The Coach

Dwayne Johnson is the sprint, strength and conditioning coach at C.W. Post. Dwayne’s credentials include founding the CIS speed development program. Dwayne was the high school coach of Shana Cox at Holy Trinity. Shana has gone on to great things - NCAA Champion while at Penn State, High School All American, Member of the US Olympic team which went to China and this past winter set a world record in the 500 meter dash. 


The Coach

Rich Degnan is head Boy's Cross Country coach at Massapequa and asst. director of The Foundation Cross Country and Track camps. Prior to that, Rich was Director of Cross Country and Track and Field at .C.W. Post. While at C.W. Post Rich's teams won 15 conference titles and qualified at least one athlete to 8 NCAA Championships. On the high school level, he's produced 2 All World athletes, 17 All Americans, 29 all NY State Athletes. 


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