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Coaching Youth Soccer:
Goalkeeper Training

Essential skills for an essential, but often overlooked, position

Goalkeepers are among the game’s most important players. But sometimes they’re almost forgotten in youth soccer. Now, PlaySportsTV changes that for the better. This series delivers over 35 information-packed drills to develop your young goalkeepers’ skills. Everything from save techniques to reaction drills are covered in this comprehensive approach to what young players need to master this challenging position. Coaching Youth Soccer: Goalkeeper Training also includes downloadable training notes and coaching tips for each drill.

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React with Cones

Table of Contents

Goalkeeper Basics
  • Introduction to Goalkeeper Basics
  • Warm-Up Drill
  • Figure Eight
  • Drop Step
  • Angle Arc Aid
  • Footwork
  • Handling
  • Shuffle
  • Position in Thirds
  • Cut Angles Combo
Advanced Handling
  • Introduction to Advanced Handling
  • Collapse Dive Intro
  • Collapse Dive
  • Parry Intro
  • Parry
  • Extension Dive Intro
  • Extension Dive
  • Collapse Dive to Extension Dive
  • Side Smother
  • Improve Range
  • Introduction to Distribution
  • Distribution Intoduction
  • Distribution Demonstration
  • Introduction to Reaction
  • Reaction Activity
  • Around the World
  • Forward Roll
  • React with Cones
  • Drop Ball Activity
Crossed and Flighted Balls
  • Introduction to Crossed and Flighted Balls
  • Channel Game
  • Crosses Keeper or Away
  • Basic Receiving of Flighted Balls
Integrating Goalie into Team Training
  • Introdution to Integrating Goalie into Team Training
  • Goalie Integration Introduction
  • Warm-Up Activity
  • Numbers Activity
  • Modern Training
  • Groups of Two
  • Game Play Activity
  • 4 v. 4 Activity
  • Game Free Play

About the Coach

The Coach

Giovanni Pacini has coached the Division III Lasell College (Newton, Mass.) men's soccer program since 1998 and has 28 years of coaching experience. He has led two teams to North Atlantic Conference championships, while earning its conference coach of the year honors in 2000, 2002 and 2006. He serves the National Soccer Coaches Association as the Mass. State Technical Coordinator and is a noted coach of goalkeepers.


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