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How to Play the
Striker Position

Teach your players to play better offense and score more goals

Good soccer players need good offensive skills. Coach Jim Buchanan, head trainer of the Maestro Soccer League, presents 24 easy-to-follow/easy-to-teach videos on how to effectively play the striker position, as well the proper technical and tactical plays in specific game situations. When you purchase the online version, you also get instant access to downloadable soccer training notes and coaching tips for each drill.

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Creating Room for a Strike on a Goal

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started
Technical Play
  • Introduction to Technical Play
  • Basic Ball-Striking Technique
  • Standing Ball-Striking Technique
  • Partner Ball-Striking Drill
  • Rolling Ball Out to Striker for Shot
  • Creating Room for a Strike on Goal
  • Striking a Moving Ball
  • Striking a Moving Ball with Defender
  • Partner Volleying Drill
  • Volleying to Goal
  • Chipping the Keeper
  • Heading Through Legs Drill
  • Heading Triangle Drill
  • Heading On Goal From a Cross
  • Finishing From a Cross on the Ground
  • Finishing From a Breakaway
Tactical Play
  • Introduction to Tactical Play
  • Receiving Ball with Back to Goal
  • Creating Space with Back to Goal
  • Give-and-Go Behind Defense
  • Stepover Run for a Give-and-Go
  • 2 v. 2 Striker Movements
  • Third-Man Running Drill

About the Coach

The Coach

Jim Buchanan is the head trainer with Maestro Soccer in New Jersey. Licensed by the English FA, the USSF and the NSCAA, Buchanan has been working with youth players for many years.


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