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Learn from the Pros:
Fundamentals of Fastpitch Softball Pitching

Learn to teach the basics and beyond to beginner and intermediate level pitchers

Four top pitchers of the Philadelphia Force of the National Pro Fastpitch League show you how to teach both basic and intermediate level pitching skills to your players. These videos are a comprehensive collection that demonstrates proper pitching mechanics and fundamental pitching techniques. When you purchase the online version, you also get access to downloadable softball training notes and coaching tips.

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Ball Presentation: Wind Up

Table of Contents

Pitching Mechanics
  • Introduction to Pitching Mechanics
  • Stretching and Warm-Ups
  • Starting Position on the Mound
  • Ball Presentation Wind-Up
  • Arm Circle
  • Stride
  • Angle of Stride
  • Glove Positioning
  • Open/Closing Hips Position
  • Release Point for Fastball
  • Proper Fastball Follow-Through
  • Proper Foot Drag/Kick
  • Defense Position After Release
  • Strong Front Side
  • Weight Transfer
  • Introduction to Pitches
  • Fastball Grip
  • Fastball (Demonstration)
  • Horseshoe and Circle Change-Up Grips
  • Change-Up (Demonstration)
  • Grip for Rise and Curve Ball
  • Curveball (Demonstration)
  • Rise Ball (Demonstration)

About the Coaches

The Coach

The 2009 season was pitcher Jessica Sallinger’s fourth in National Pro Fastpitch. While playing collegiately at Georgia Tech, she was the Atlantic Coast Conference Pitcher of the Year from 2003 to 2005. Jessica graduated as the ACC’s all-time leader in strikeouts (1,398) and wins (109).

The Coach

Margo Pruis is a versatile right-handed pitcher with the Philadelphia Force of National Pro Fastpitch. She joined the Force in 2007 after a stellar career at Wichita State, and won five games in each of her first two professional seasons. Her first pro win came against Team China on June 13, 2007.

The Coach

Sam Yodowitz made her National Pro Fastpitch debut in 2009 with the Philadelphia Force.  Yodowitz was the first softball player from C.W. Post and the East Coast Conference to be signed to a professional contract. She was a two-time NFCA Division II All-American pitcher during her college career.

The Coach

Pitcher Stacy Birk joined the Philadelphia Force of National Pro Fastpitch in 2007 and began her third season in 2009. Birk played collegiately at Illinois State where she was an All-Missouri Valley Conference standout.


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