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Wall Ball Essentials

Make your players more competitive with these advanced wall ball videos

Major League Lacrosse veteran and Syracuse University star Liam Banks shows boys’ lacrosse players the secrets to basic wall ball skills. These videos contain a complete guide to the fundamentals young players need to improve their stick skills, passing, catching, ball handling, and shooting. Access to downloadable training notes and coaching tips is included when you purchase the online version.

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Switch Hands: Roll and Split Dodges

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Beginner Wall Ball
  • Wall Ball Do, Do Not List
  • Quick Sticks Close to Wall
  • One-Handed Passing
  • 7 to 10 yards Away
  • Catch, Cradle, Pass
  • Introduction to Intermediate Wall Ball
  • One-Handed Catches
  • Movement
  • Bad Passes
  • Roll and Split Dodges
  • Catch, Cradle, Pass (Fast)
  • Over-the-Shoulder Catching
  • Cross Face Passing
  • Introduction to Advanced Wall Ball
  • Behind-the-Back Pass
  • Catching Behind the Back
  • Around the World
  • Australian Pass
  • Three Walls
  • Shooting Off the Wall
  • Sidearm and Underhand Shooting Angles
  • Split Dodges with Cones
  • Inside Fakes and Catching
  • The LB3 Move

About the Coach

The Coach

Liam Banks is just as comfortable teaching lacrosse to youth players as he is playing for Major League Lacrosse. The attackman opens his sixth MLL season in 2009 with the Chicago Machine. He split the 2007 season between the Pride and the San Francisco Dragons, setting career highs with 26 goals and 37 points, and played a second season with the Dragons in 2008.


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