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Youth Softball Practice
Plan: Ages 6 to 10

Build your players’ skills week-by-week

There’s an entire season of skill-building in these 20 hour-long practice plans. Coach Jerry Laird shares drills, skills and coaching tips for beginner and intermediate softball players that teach all the essential softballs skills, from hitting and fielding to throwing, baserunning, and situational play. Each practice plan presents a new skill and includes a wealth of topics and team building activities. The basics and beyond are all delivered in an easy-to-follow, time-specific format.

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Check out a PDF Sample: Practice 8: Pitchers and Catchers

Click on the image above to view the PDF sample.

Table of Contents

Practices 1-5
  • Fundamentals
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Catching
  • Infield Defense
  • Outfield Defense
Practices 6-10
  • Sliding
  • Advanced Baserunning
  • Pitchers and Catchers
  • Situations
  • Bunting
Practices 11-15
  • Hitting
  • Situations
  • Bunt Defense
  • Special Plays
  • Cut-Offs
Practices 16-20
  • Rundowns
  • Live Hitting
  • Infield Pop-Ups
  • Improve on Weaknesses
  • Situations

About the Coach

The Coach

Jerry Laird managed the Hamilton (N.J.) Hurricanes all-star team that compiled a 50-8 record while winning the 2008 Babe Ruth Softball World Series for 12-and-under players. He is in his second decade of all-star coaching, spanning the 10-and-under to 18-and-under levels. His coaching philosophy centers around developing players both on and off the field and to teach them the right way to play for higher levels.


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